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This Seems an Odd Reason for a Delay

11.14.16 - Ford F-150

In the automotive world we have seen everything you can think of, both good and bad. Some companies have folded because of aggressive competition others have boomed and enjoyed immense success. We’ve seen massive safety recalls and cars that were considered unreliable while others were lauded for their reliability. This industry has been hard at work to be as self-sufficient in each company as possible. Unless parts are being made by an outside company for a particular model it seems like an automotive company would be able to simply produce the parts needed to continue production.

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case for Ford. When the Ford F-150 with the aluminum build was set to debut the launch had to be delayed because of a parts shortage issue. This parts shortage was in the frames needed to build these trucks. It seems that unless a run on the model occurred, causing greater than expected sales, a vehicle should be able to continually be built to the numbers expected. This is certainly the case with a launch where no vehicles have been sold yet. Considering the F-150 is the best-selling truck in the US, Ford should have known and ensure their most admired vehicle would be ready in the numbers needed for the customers who were waiting for the truck.

Now it seems Ford hasn’t learned their lesson and have another delay in their vehicle lineup. This may be a trend that’s beginning with the blue oval that certainly will leave many of us grumbling, especially those who are waiting for the new vehicle to make its way to market. The new F-Series Super Duty is being delayed and the only reason given is “parts issues” which could mean just about anything.

If the parts issue has to do with parts that Ford makes for the vehicle this is more than an unacceptable delay. Parts can be produced and fitted to the trucks quickly enough and when a new vehicle is preparing for its launch this should never be a problem. As it stands, the delay for the Super Duty pickup has Ford wondering if they will be able to recoup the sales they will lose to other heavy duty models that will not be built during this time of a “parts issue” in the plant. If the parts are being built somewhere else, there should be some recovery of money by Ford for the lost sales and delay in launch of this new pickup.

As for the workers at the assembly plant in Louisville where the truck is being built, it seems overtime will be in order and the workers will be receiving it for as much as a year to make up for the lost sales and bring enough of these trucks to market. Right now, Ford has said it would be impossible to build all the trucks that were expected for the third quarter because of this parts issue. I certainly hope they fix this problem and launch very soon.

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