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Make Your Vehicle Shine Between Pro Visits

11.15.16 - Waxing Car

Professional detailers use a lot of equipment and have developed the touch that makes it easier for them to be able to detail your vehicle and make it look its very best. While you shouldn’t get into using some items as part of your DIY detailing project, there are things you can do to make sure your vehicle looks great at all times and has the feeling you want to ensure you have the look and feel in your car that makes you proud to drive around after you’ve done the cleanup work needed.

Here are some great tips to follow between visits to the detail shop:

Evaluate and Take Your Time – The interior of your vehicle needs to be just as important to you as the exterior. Take a look at all areas and get to work. Spend the time it takes to get the job done and if you happen to stop in the middle, make sure you pick it back up the next day or weekend so you have the job done right.

Carpets – Cleaning your carpets and mats requires compressed air, a stiff brush and a vacuum. The air helps to loosen up the dirt that’s seated in the nooks and crannies of your carpet and mats and once you move all the dirt to the middle you can vacuum it up and know that you’ve gotten it all.

Duct Cleaning – Similar to your home, your ductwork needs to be cleaned. Take your air compressor and blow the dust and dirt out of the heating and air conditioning ductwork by pointing the air at the walls of the ducts which is where the dirt can stick and cause a musty smell.

Wheels and Tires – Using a non-acid based cleaner you can have the tires and wheels you’re proud to show off. A degreaser works well to clean off the brake dust and dirt that gets into these areas. Try to avoid using a detergent solution though because these can damage the paint on your wheels.

Hand Wash – For a quick clean you can run through the machine nearby, but for a deep and full clean you need to take your time and clean it yourself. This gives you a chance to feel your car more and enjoy the look and character that you’ve built up while also giving your car the treatment it needs.

Paint Cleaning – You can use a paint cleaner to remove the unwanted chemicals that you have in the environment that tend to bond to your paint over time. These cleaners can also help remove some of the small scratches and swirl marks from the paint and leave you with a great shine. For deeper cleaning you can use a clay block to get the job done.

Polish the Paint – Using a rotating polisher you can smooth out the surface of the paint and make your car look new again. This helps make sure your vehicle looks its best and using polish and the polisher you’ll give your car a new shine. An oscillating buffer works great for this.

Use Wax – Using either paste wax or liquid you should wax your vehicle and protect it. This wax helps to keep scratches from reaching the paint of your vehicle and makes it look better while being protected. Two coats are all you need to make sure your vehicle has the protection desired.

Touch Up with Spray Wax – Seasonally you need to touch up the wax layer by using a spray wax and a cloth that will help make sure your wax and finish stay looking great. This is the right way to make sure your car stayed protected without the need to do a full clean and wax of the vehicle.

Clean the Windows – The glass of your vehicle is important to make sure you can see out and drive down the road with the vision you need. There is just as much residue and dirt on your glass as there was on the paint and cleaning with the right product will help you make sure you can see out and enjoy the view around your vehicle.

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