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11.08.16 - Car Horn

Whether you buy a new vehicle, one that’s a few years old, or one that you have to fully restore and rebuild, the vehicle is yours and making it your own is an important part of the relationship you’ll have with your vehicle. This could mean giving your new ride a fresh look with a new paint job, adding custom features such as special rims, body cladding or even some improvements under the hood to make the vehicle exactly what you want it to be. These custom items give your ride that fresh touch you want it to have to be your own.

While thinking about the added looks or the rumble of the engine and note from the exhaust are certainly appreciated and enjoyed, the sound you could add and have a lot of fun with is the horn. Custom horns have been around for decades for vehicles and they’re pretty easy to install and make work. Similar to a new stereo system, a custom car horn takes a basic knowledge of electrical components in a vehicle in order to install them properly. The challenge with one of these horns is where to put it and how to have it in your vehicle for easy access for you.

As you’ll see from this video there are different options you can use to put your horn buttons where you can use them and easily get to them. The host in the video used a 3D printer to make a box for his buttons, but you could make one out of wood or have them molded into the dashboard to look like they belong there. The number of sounds you choose will determine the number of buttons needed to get the job done with your vehicle.

The items you need to be able to hook up a custom horn include a sound board (different companies make them so you want to find the one that has the sounds you’re looking for), a small amp, a cigarette lighter adapter, and a 12V to 5V adapter, buttons and the horn. With these items and cool way to encase the buttons you’ll soon have the sound you want to enjoy with a few tips from the host of the video. This is an amazing way to enjoy a variety of great sounds from your horn while driving down the road.

Once you install your custom horn and you know it’s working you might just become popular with the neighborhood or at least around your town. Your vehicle will be known as the car that makes the different horn sounds. It could be that you have it making sounds that are totally opposite of the personality of the vehicle, such as a large truck making a small “beep beep” sound or a sound that might be considered feminine, or you could boost the personality with a horn that sounds like it should be part of your vehicle. The choice is yours and the sounds your vehicle horn makes are certainly going to impress your friends and neighbors while giving you something fun to play with when driving.

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