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Holiday Ideas for Truck Lovers

11.22.16 - Ford F-150

If you have that hard to buy person on your list that just happens to be a truck lover, you’re in luck. There are accessories that will make their day and make you look like the holiday hero that you want to be when you buy them one of these great items that can be perfect for them to enjoy the drive. These amazing gifts will improve their truck experience and every time they use these items they’ll think of you and the thoughtful gift you gave them for the celebration of the holiday season.

Auxiliary Lighting – Whether your truck lover enjoys going to the field and playing some football or the enjoy the fun of heading into the woods to set up camp a great light bar or some canister lights that sit on top of the truck can make a great addition to the vehicle and give them what they want to enjoy on the road or out on the trails.

Paint Care – Most likely your truck lover wants to have a truck that looks great when they aren’t out on the trails. When that’s the case you can buy them a great paint care kit that offers them the right products to get the job done and be able to take care of their truck the right way. This will show them how much you appreciate that they make the effort to keep their vehicle shining and looking great.

Fitted Floor Mats – Many truck lovers know their vehicle will get extremely dirty from time to time because of the type of work or play they engage in. Thick rubber floor mats that are perfectly fitted to the truck make a great gift for the truck lover in your life to be able to enjoy the joy of driving a truck that has the right item to protect the carpet and floor under the mats.

Bluetooth Media Adapter – Before Bluetooth we did have the auxiliary port to be able to play music with wires directly to the stereo. Let your truck lover get rid of the wires that don’t always work and use this Bluetooth device to play the music they want to listen to that’s saved on their smartphone or other wireless device that uses a Bluetooth connection.

Boost Gauge – Many trucks are built with some form of turbocharging and this gauge can give them the readout of the boost they want to enjoy. This is an amazing item that makes it easier for them to have the information they want from the gauge and add to the look inside the truck which shows off in gorgeous fashion.

Leveling Kit – If your truck lover appears to have a saggy front end (on the truck, not them) a leveling kit is an inexpensive gift you can give them that raises up the front of the truck to match the rear and makes the vehicle look more aggressive than it was before. This is the perfect gift for the truck lover that hasn’t made a lot of adjustments to their truck and how it operates yet.

Cargo Bars – You can give a great way to separate cargo in the bed with these bars. These bars are similar to what you see in moving trucks to help keep the load in one place, which is exactly what these bars are for. With them in place the cargo won’t move around much at all and you’ll be able to let your truck lover enjoy the benefit of a stable load on the road.

Exhaust Parts – Truck lovers enjoy showing off the mass of their engine with a glorious sound coming out of the exhaust. Offer them some great chrome exhaust parts for their truck to give their favorite ride a look and feel that makes them proud to drive this beautiful beast of burden on a daily basis. There are tons of choices for these parts for you to be able to find what they will want.

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