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The G-Squared took a Test Run in the US

11.01.16 - Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4

The one and only Mercedes- Benz G-Wagen has made its way to the US and towers over everything else at the beach. As one of the most capable vehicles on the planet the driver of this monstrous machine took it to Carolina Beach, North Carolina for a ride through the north end sands where only four-wheel-drive vehicles are allowed and weekends are made for fun in the sun and the glory of showing off your new truck toys that are made to improve your ride. As the vehicle that towered over everything else while standing out in bright yellow paint, this massive G-Squared G-Wagen showed off to the many regulars at the beach.

The G-Squared G-Wagen is a vehicle that looks as if it came straight out of the 1979 Mercedes-Benz catalog. This vehicle may appear at first as if it’s been forgotten like so many octogenarians feel when they see their friends and family heading off to the great beyond, but this massive beast hasn’t changed over the years on purpose. While giving us that box on wheels look the G-Squared shows off as a massive truck that offers a twin turbocharged V8 engine and three locking differentials as standard fare for the ride.

With the G-Squared you will see Mercedes has lifted the vehicle up and out. The wheels are separated about a foot more than the standard G-Wagen and the vehicle has been lifted to give you the ground clearance that even monster truck drivers will be jealous of. Because of this lift and push out of the G-Squared this vehicle this vehicle has large carbon fiber fender flares to give this massive beast the feeling it needs to give you the drive you want and the look that’s perfect on this big beauty.

The expected drive of this big vehicle is of a vehicle that’s about to flip over. With so much weight up high off the ground you would expect the G-Squared to be easy to tip and not a vehicle that offers a drive you want to enjoy at all. Thankfully this beat drives with amazing easy and competence. Because the wheels are situated so wide the G-Squared feels planted and gives you the stiffness you want to be able to navigate a variety of turns and curves. While it won’t quite give you the same drive as a powerful sports car, this massive truck is a joy on the road and certainly even more capable on the trails and off road areas, such as a loose sandy beach, where it feels right at home.

The G-Squared will arrive on the market in the US in 2017 and will be at a price that most of the world won’t be able to afford, but for those who are able to purchase this massive beast the drive will be amazing and something to see for those of us unable to afford such a behemoth. If you get stuck and see the G-Squared on the way to you, know you’re about to be saved by one of the most impressive vehicles on the market.

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