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The Bronco and Ranger are a Trump Target; Sort of

11.10.16 - Donald Trump

Ford has tried to only hint at the return of the Bronco and Ranger for the next few years, but when the subject of jobs going to Mexico come up during a Presidential debate the company has to answer. It seems odd that President Elect, Donald Trump would concern himself with the movement to Mexico by Ford when all other brands seem to doing the exact same thing and Ford has good reason to move the current production to Mexico. Because this topic was brought up during a Presidential Debate Ford had to fire back and explain their position regarding the move.

The fact is smaller cars aren’t as profitable per unit as trucks and SUVs. Not only that, the market seems to be turning toward more trucks and SUVs and with the plan to have the new Ranger and Bronco built here in the US room has to be made to allow for these two models to be built. Rather than build new plants in Michigan, which is an expensive undertaking, Ford is moving the assembly of some of the small car models to the plant in Mexico in order to make room for these two new models.

Having the Ranger and Bronco back in the lineup in the next few years will solidify the jobs for the American auto workers for Ford which helps to secure their futures. This makes a lot more sense than continuing to build the Focus in these plants and allow it to cost more to build than it does in Mexico where it can be much more profitable for Ford and help add more money into the company in order to support the changeover to the new Bronco and Ranger that will be offered in the next few years.

Now that we have a market where gas prices are lower than they have been for many years before this is the right time to have these new large vehicles added to the market to be able to bring back two of the names we’ve known and loved for many years. The Bronco and Ranger have been deleted from the US market for several years and we’ve been asking for them to be returned, especially since GM revitalized their midsized truck market only a few years ago with the Canyon and Colorado twins that have taken the market by storm.

The goal, and the wording written into the new contract between Ford and the UAW, has 2020 as the target year to have the new Bronco and Ranger on the market to be offered for us to enjoy the ride. These two will certainly give us competitors on the market that will show up as a way to combat against what GM has to offer and with the Bronco being an SUV the Jeep Wrangler will be the target for this vehicle.

Will you be ready for the Bronco or the Ranger when they come back to the market? Sure you will, it’s kind of sad that a Presidential Candidate had to out Ford in this manner, but it’s not as if this is news we weren’t already speaking of for several months. Now we just have to sit back and wait for Ford to unleash these two new models in a car show so that we can begin to discuss the equipment that’s included.

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