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10.21.16 - 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

While it seems there may be a battle waging regarding what types of fuel to use to power cars going forward the fact remains that gasoline is the most convenient choice and until that changes over ninety percent of the vehicles on the road are at least partially powered by gasoline. With this in mind why not find the sweet spot that’s in between using electric power and gasoline to make your vehicle more efficient than ever. If this is something that appeals to you, the car you should consider driving is the Toyota Prius Prime which is a car that can give you what you want on the road.

Because the numbers matter when it comes to a gasoline/electric hybrid let’s take a look at what the Prime offers you. This is a car that uses a 1.8-liter four-cylinder Atkinson Cycle gas engine and an 8.8-kWh lithium-ion battery to run the electric motor. This power is attached to an eCVT and offers you a net horsepower of 121 for the whole system. The Prime is able to give you as much as 25 miles of all-electric driving and will provide you with fuel mileage of 55 city/53 hwy mpg with the two systems combined.

Not only is the Prime different from the other Prius models by being a plug-in hybrid model, it also uses a dual-motor electric drive system. This dual drive system allows one of the motors to drive the wheels while the other charges the battery. Using a one way clutch this car can have both motors send power to the wheels when in the full EV mode to give you a smoother and more responsive acceleration on the road. This makes the Prime a smart choice when you want to drive a hybrid, especially a plug-in model.

As you would expect in a Prius, the Prime offers you several different driving modes to ensure you can balance the batter power with the use of the gasoline to have the most efficient drive on the road. Having a super sports car means trying to reach top speeds, with a super hybrid, such as the Prime you want to reach the highest fuel efficiency possible and with this car you can do just that with no trouble at all. The various modes of this car allow you to enjoy battery only driving for short errand runs and a fuel sipping hybrid when you have to drive more than 25 miles at a time.

When you get inside this car you’ll not only notice all the items that are made to help you make this a more efficient ride, but also the massive 11.6-inch screen in the center of the dash that allows you to see the navigation system, audio controls or any other items you program this screen to show you.

The Toyota Prius Prime is the car that balances out the fuels used and forgoes the need to engage in a war. Right now EVs have range and charging anxiety stigmas attached to them, but with the Prime you can have the best of both worlds and keep on driving long after your friends have run out of gas in their vehicles.

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