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We Want the Supra and Toyota Needs to Bring it Back

07.20.16 - Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota hasn’t built a production version of the Supra for several years now and it’s about time they went ahead and just told us what we already know. The new FT-1 concept car that was part of the Detroit Auto Show in 2014 is the perfect car to turn into the Supra with the aggressive style and exotic design, but so far Toyota hasn’t said one word about whether or not they really are going to give us a new Supra. Even though they won’t say it, we can figure it out by looking at the clues that are right in front of us.

The Supra name stood for a car that offers top of the line performance and extreme power with Japanese styling from Toyota. The original Supra went out of production in the early 2000s to be a car that we have pined for over the past several years. Now that we are more than a decade past when the last Supra came off the assembly line many of us who owned one in the past would love to have a crack at a new one and look forward to this car coming back.

Here are four reasons this car is coming back:

Trademark – The Supra name trademark has already been renewed in the US which would only take place if Toyota already knew they planned to bring this car back and didn’t want another manufacturer to be able to use the name. Not only is the name trademarked, but Toyota has partnered with BMW to create two new high performance vehicles, one will be a new Z car from BMW and the other a mystery sports car from Toyota, which will obviously be the new Supra sports car.

A Hole in the Lineup – Currently there are no Toyota models that are high performance sports cars. The FR-S which will be rebadged and named as the Toyota 86 is entertaining and fun to drive, but isn’t in the class of the Nissan GT-R or the Acura NSX. It’s time for a new high performance sports car from Toyota to fill the hole that is currently present in their lineup. The Supra name is the one we know, love and trust which makes it the perfect name to be at the height of the performance for this car company.

Toyota Can Afford it – This is the largest car company in the world and also one of the most profitable. If they can’t afford to develop a high performance sports car, nobody can and the rest of the world should get out of the market. Since that’s not about to happen, Toyota needs to spend some of that hard earned money they have lying around from the sales of the Corollas, Camrys and Tacomas and put it to good use developing a car that will get us excited once again, which does bring us to our fourth point.

Good for the Brand – Overall we now see Toyota as a sensible choice and the car company you look to when you want a good commuter car or an SUV that will last a long time. This brand hasn’t been about the excitement for a long time and it’s about time they were once again. A new Supra would let us see that Toyota is still capable of creating a high performance model that carries in the style and ability we want to have in our top of the line car. A new Supra would be the most talked about Toyota to come off the line in a long time.

What will the new Supra have to offer? We have no idea yet, but the concept we saw in 2014 could be one of the ways the new Supra would be able to go. With the infusion of some of the BMW influence we may see a Supra that is similar to the i8. As the leader in the world of hybrid powertrains Toyota could very well give us a new Supra that offers an ingenious use of a hybrid powertrain to have fuel efficiency and power combined together.

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