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Do You Think You Need an SUV?

05.05.16 - 2016 Subaru Outback

Many SUVs today are made to be smaller than those of the past. Even though these vehicles are getting smaller they are still the versatile do anything vehicles we want when we aren’t sure what amount of cargo and passenger space we need. These are vehicles that a small family can grow into or it can give you the drive you want and the space you need even if you don’t have a family to fit inside. Figuring out which SUV you want to enjoy is often the challenge and you certainly should test drive several before making your decision.

There are typically two types of SUVs for you to choose from when it comes to the crossover style. While they come in a wide variety of sizes the categories are those that can offer you two rows of seats and the ones with three rows. Having three rows will certainly translate into more versatility as you can have the third row folded down for added cargo space or you can enjoy the increased passenger volume that makes it possible for you to carry a couple friends in this back row of seats.

2-Row SUVs

Honda HR-VThe HR-V is new to the market and is the smallest SUV offered by Honda. This SUV appears to be a CR-V that has been left in the dryer too long and shrunk. With this small size there isn’t a ton of space, but there is more than you would have in a sedan and at a price that won’t ever leave the $20,000 range you will be able to enjoy the affordability and the fuel mileage this SUV offers you to make it comparable to a sedan just larger and more versatile to give you what you need from and SUV.

Honda CR-VThis is the larger model of the two from Honda and it gives you the space you want along with an extremely popular style. This SUV offers you the drive you want and plenty of cool features to make it a vehicle that fits all your needs. You can enjoy the backup camera, stability control, several airbags, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, road departure mitigation, automatic emergency braking and the LaneWatch system which shows you what is happening in your right side blind spot to ensure you don’t inadvertently enter a lane when you shouldn’t.

Subaru OutbackThe Outback has an interesting and nearly cultish following, but for a good reason. This is a vehicle that is barely larger than a station wagon but it offers the standard AWD as a feature that makes it attractive for heading off on the trails with confidence and for travelling around in areas that are prone to foul weather on a regular basis. There is very little you can say against this SUV as it also gives you the fuel mileage you want to enjoy on the roads and trails while also offering you a stronger V6 engine if you decide you need one with more power.

3-Row SUVs

Nissan PathfinderIn the past an SUV with three rows meant you had a box on wheels with a body on frame build that was similar to a truck. These unibody three row SUVs are newer to the market but make for an excellent way to have the added space you need for whatever you choose to use if for. The Pathfinder has been one our favorites for many years and it shows up with some of the best road manners you can find in any SUV to be the comfortable and stable ride you want for your family.

Toyota HighlanderThe Highlander is another that has been around a while and has been part of why we love our SUVs. This larger crossover SUV gives you the character you want your family to enjoy and plenty of space to be a great place for a long ride. There are some excellent trim choices you can make to give you some of the features that you would only expect to find on the luxury vehicle lineup. The Highlander has you and your family in mind when out on the road to give you a vehicle that is versatile and reliable for you to admire and appreciate.

Honda PilotThe Honda Pilot is the largest vehicle Honda currently makes, at least until the new Ridgeline joins the party. This SUV offers you a third row that is actually roomy and extremely accessible, which can be a concern in an SUV. The second row will move forward with the push of a button to give you access to this area and have plenty of space for two adults to sit in comfort which means space for at least three youngsters as this is one of the only SUVs in this group that can actually accommodate up to eight passengers.

Chevrolet TahoeThe Tahoe is a large SUV although it still isn’t as big as the Suburban, but that’s a good thing. This SUV offers you the size and space you want on the inside with the power to perform tasks in the same manner as a truck. This has to be the most versatile SUV on this list because of all the capability it offers you on and off the road. This isn’t a cheap way to go, but if the Tahoe is right for you there is no way you will ever be let down by this massive beast of burden.

Which SUV will fit your needs? That’s up to you and your driving habits. If you spend a lot of time driving around a city and don’t have more than four people in the vehicle on a regular basis, one of the two-row options may be perfect. On the other hand, if you need a massive beast to carry the load or have more people to bring with you, a three-row version could be the perfect companion, especially when you aren’t limited to city driving.

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