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Lexus Will Have Some Unique Transmission Offerings

04.12.16 - Lexus LC500h

As one of the premier luxury automakers in the world the Toyota luxury arm of Lexus will have something new and special to offer us in its new flagship coupe which will come in the form of the LC500 and LC500h. this new par will have the most intriguing transmission we have seen in a luxury car in a long time as it will actually be two transmissions in one. This will easily put Lexus on the same platform as Mack and Peterbilt when it comes to how the transmissions work and what they have to offer.

While that is not going to be a way Lexus will sell you on this transmission setting it really is similar to those you find on the large tractor-trailer vehicles. What it will be is a new Multi Stage hybrid transmission that is a CVT that is bolted to a four-speed automatic. This is the latest advancement in the world of hybrid technology from this automotive giant. Using this transmission set up the engine and the two electric motors will be better protected and offer full electric only driving for speeds that reach up to 87 mph which is a huge increase over the current setup found in the GS and LS.

This new transmission will also allow the LC500h to offer more overdrive than the previous versions. This is done by make the higher rpms happen in lower gears and allowing cruising to occur at higher speeds which turns the lower rpm into higher gears. By keeping the revs down of one of the two electric motors the electrical loss is limited and a more efficient vehicle is achieved. The overall largest gain is in the efficiency of this setup to give you the best use of the power that is present in this new car.

Typically the use of a CVT creates a disconnected feeling for the driver with the car which is one reason many hybrid models are scoffed at by those looking for more luxury and better speed. Using the Multi Stage setup will give you a car that takes away this disconnected feeling that occurs between the engine rpm and the throttle inputs. Because this transmission has an actual transmission attached that does some of the shifting the feeling will be direct and enjoyable for you as the driver of this car. Lexus will also have a new “M” mode on the Multi Stage transmission which will mimic a ten-speed automatic making it feel even more elegant than those of lower gearing ratios.

The engine that will benefit from this excellent new transmission is the 3.5-liter V6 that uses an efficient Atkinson cycle and makes 295 horsepower. Adding the electric motors to the equation you will have a full 354 horsepower to enjoy and be able to run to sixty mph in less than five seconds while enjoying the outstanding efficiency of this awesome new flagship vehicle from Lexus that will be great for driving on any road and on some tracks.

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