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Mercedes-Benz to Build a Pickup Truck

03.09.16 - Mercedes-Benz Logo

The development of a new Mercedes-Benz pickup truck was discussed to some degree last year, but we haven’t yet seen any hard evidence to back this claim up. The new pickup is expected to be based on the Nissan Navara concept, but unless Mercedes-Benz plans to simply change over badges we need to see some evidence to the fact that they are developing a pickup truck. What could a luxury truck form one of the most prestigious German automakers offer us to enjoy? Will this be a truck that can actually make the jump to the US and compete with the massive lineup we already have here?

These are just two questions we need to have answered, but answers aren’t coming fast. This new pickup might be shown sooner than we would think though. The news is that Mercedes-Benz may show the concept of this new truck at the Paris Motor Show. This would be a fitting place to show it off and with the Paris show being one of the last of the year that gives Mercedes-Benz plenty of time to work through the development phases to offer us a concept that is seriously ready to head to production for the brand.

How will a luxury vehicle manufacturer handle having a pickup truck in its lineup? What we don’t realize at times is the fact that many automakers have pickup trucks in markets all over the world, we simply have one of the most difficult markets to crack with the three major truck manufactures that are domestically based and a few foreign models that compete on a smaller scale. This doesn’t seem to bode well for the idea of us seeing this new truck in the US, which is not currently part of the plans for Mercedes-Benz, even if they are able to develop this truck.

The new name for the pickup truck would be expected to be called the GLT-Class, but new rumors have emerged that lead us to believe this truck will actually be called the X-Class. While this may or may not be the name when it finally makes it way to Paris or on the market, it will be extremely interesting to see how much of the Nissan concept makes its way into the new Mercedes-Benz pickup truck concept. The expectation is that this will be a truck full of luxury features and be one that will offer the capability needed for the typical higher trim level pickup truck models.

The expected date to dealerships is sometime in the later part of 2017, but much of that will depend upon the reception this truck receives from its initial debut. While all we have right now to imagine this new truck to be is a sketch of the Navara concept the news that this new truck is in development is exciting and gives us something to already look forward to October when the Paris Motor Show will take place and have at least one vehicle that takes center stage; the new Mercedes-Benz pickup truck.

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