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It’s Time to Toss Out Practicality

03.29.16 - 2016 Dodge Viper ACR

What do you think of when you buy a vehicle? If you are like most of the car buying population you are thinking about the fact that you need a car that fits in your budget that is reliable enough to get you around wherever you need to and offer the safety and space you need. Aren’t you tired of shopping for the practicality of what your family needs are; it’s time for you to look at some cars just because they are fun to drive and offer items we want to love, even if you don’t buy any of them, it’s still fun to look.

Alfa Romeo 4CThis car is one of the purest driving car on the road and it comes in an exotic design that is unmistakably gorgeous and over the top. This car is extremely difficult to enter and exit, it has materials that might not be the quality you would expect and it has very little silencing of the exhaust noise. All this makes for a car you want to drive and show off to the world to let them know you are coming and have been by them almost as fast as they realize what you’re driving.

BAC MonoThere are some cars that are only made for the track and this is one of them. This already makes this an impractical car, especially for a family, but this car has only one seat and a miniscule cargo area to allow you to carry your eyeglasses when you don’t have them on your face. Even though this car is impractical it’s certainly one that you can have a lot of fun on the track and see just how good you are as a driver as this car will test your reflexes and abilities.

Bentley Flying SpurEven though in an ultra-luxury sedan like this one you do enjoy all the features you want to have in a car that is perfectly crafted, most of the price of this car is in the name which carries an air of prestige and exclusivity that others don’t. Imagine the Flying Spur with a BMW badge on it, the price wouldn’t be anywhere as high as it is, but because it’s a Bentley you have to pay more. That really is the impractical part, but at least you could take your family for an elegant ride in this vehicle.

BMW X6 MThis is an SUV that barely looks like an SUV. The X6 M is barely larger than the M6 which is built at the top of the 6 Series lineup. The X6 M gives you the fastback design that makes it look like a four-door coupe that has been raised up a bit to allow for better ground clearance, this SUV can’t even handle off road travel to make it more practical. This is a fun vehicle to drive, but when it comes to needing and SUV for the family and the cargo, this one should not be on your list, unless it’s just for you to drive.

Caterham SevenThe design of this car is one of the most iconic and impressive in the history of the automobile, but it has no purpose on the road today. This car is difficult to drive for the untrained driver, but if you can master one you can have a great time out on the track or even on the road, but those who want a car that makes sense but also gives them the fun of a two-seat roadster are better off with the Mazda Miata to have a car that is built for fun.

Dodge Viper ACRThere is only one purpose for this car, driving fast. If you don’t need a car that will race around the track then this car makes absolutely no sense for you to purchase at all. The Viper is a great car and it has set track records at thirteen different tracks, but you can’t expect this car to bring home a load of hardware or to carry the whole family. It’s fun and its extremely well built, but this is truly one of the most impractical cars on the market today that can be driven on the streets and on the track.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque ConvertibleThere was really no reason for this vehicle to be made into a convertible, but it has some appeal as a tow door SUV that looks only slightly larger than a convertible coupe. This can be a lot of fun to drive, especially near the beach on a sunny day, but this is an impractical vehicle because it doesn’t offer you extra cargo room or the ability to carry items on top of the SUV, which many SUVs do offer for you to enjoy their drive.

Morgan 3-WheelerThis is one of the coolest cars on the road with exposed pipes and only three wheels it looks like what you might have if you blend a motorcycle with a roadster and left the body parts at home. The handling of this vehicle is rough at best and it doesn’t drive as fast as you might think it could, but it’s a car that will give you some fun. Is the Morgan practical; not in the least, but it’s one that will have everyone you drive past looking at you to see what you’re riding on.

Mercedes-AMG GLA45 – Did you know Mercedes made a hot hatch? This is it. This little “supposed to be and SUV” offers AWD a turbocharged engine that can give you 375 horsepower and the ability to reach sixty mph in 4.3 seconds. This is called a CUV and its going to cost you at least $50,000 before options are added, but you won’t have any trouble beating out the Ford Focus RS or the Volkswagen Golf R. There is some room in this vehicle, but it’s certainly not practical for the size and the price you have to pay, especially if you have a family that needs to fit inside.

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