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Here’s Something NSX Owners Must Try

03.03.16 - 2017 Acura NSX - 2

The Acura NSX is a car we all love and want to drive. This beautifully crafted luxury super sports car has the power of 573 horses coming from the combination of the twin turbocharged V6 engine that is combined with a wonderful hybrid drivetrain. This awesome car is fun to drive and full of power, but for those drivers out there who want to be able to take the car out of the control of the AWD and enjoy some oversteer in this car there isn’t much you can do. The full power of this car is built around having control of all four wheels and the powertrain is setup to give you more power with the motors on the front wheels.

At least we thought you couldn’t do anything about a car that has too much control to make it fun for an experienced race driver to have fun with. As we have learned recently the secret is out and when the car is put into a maintenance mode that is reached in similar fashion to using a cheat code on a gaming console, the AWD is turned off and this car becomes a drift machine that can rip apart a track and a driver who isn’t sure how to drift.

While this is currently just a rumor there has to be a challenge issued and someone has got to find out if this really does work. What this cheat/maintenance setting does is turn off the ABS and the electric motor assistance. This make the handing and steering much different so you have to be ready for it and understand what you are doing, especially with the steering because the steering is set up to work with the front wheels and the electric drive motors.

For those of us who would rather have an older version of the NSX just for the crazy loose way it can be driven where it doesn’t hold anything back or feel like it’s under control this setting on the new NSX is perfect. You can drive this beauty with the feeling of pure reckless abandon and see just what it will do for you. Of course one thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that you now reduced the power of the vehicle down to 500 horsepower that is all sent to the rear wheels, but with this power and no ABS to hold you back you can really have a great time.

The only disclaimer I would offer is that we haven’t seen this car actually work this way and you probably shouldn’t disable this much of the car unless you are on a track with full protective gear since it is going to drive a lot differently than before. If you do happen to find yourself in the maintenance mode drifting around the curves of your local track in your NSX it would be awesome to witness so be sure to send me an invite to come check it out.

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