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What is the 4DSC?

02.17.16 - 2016 Nissan Maxima

Sometimes in the automotive world we see badging that doesn’t last or come forward with a vehicle. The 4DSC badge was a proud part of the name of the Nissan Maxima for many years, especially during the early part of the 1990s. This name was proudly displayed on the rear of the vehicle and stood for 4-Door Sports Car, which was the absolute truth of the Maxima for many years. The new 2016 model does carry in the 4DSC badging, but not prominently displayed like it was before. In this new car you have to look to the headlight and taillight lenses to find this feature which may be the story of the new Maxima.

While this is a car that survived simply because it’s popular in the US, the Maxima doesn’t make waves in any other market. This leaves Nissan to make the massive investment of a new model just for this market. Whatever the sales pitch was it worked and we now have a new Maxima to be the new sporty version from Nissan that sits atop the class above the Altima in the lineup.

This all-new vehicle features the V-Motion grill and some impressive body sculpting. The window pillars are painted black to offset the body and roof color which makes the roof appear to be floating above the car. When you get inside this car you will feel as if you stepped into a luxury sports car with the soft leather and supportive seats that look amazing and perfect for this beautiful new car. One unique feature of the upholstery is the diamond patterned stitching that quilts the seats in a way that is visually appealing and highly attractive to be a look that you want to stare at for a few minutes before sitting down.

Three trim levels are offered for the Maxima to give you the right car for you. You can start with the base model of the SL and still have some impressive features to enjoy, move up to the SR which is the sportiest of the models which takes away the panoramic roof but brings in 19-inch wheels and tires or you can choose the Platinum which has every feature you can choose on the Maxima to make it a fully loaded model. Which one of these is the right Maxima for you; that is a choice that is entirely up to you and what you want in your car.

The commute you deal with on a daily basis can be shifted away from boredom with the Maxima, which will surely make you choose to find more of the exciting roads in your area to drive instead of the ones you normally travel to and from work.

Under the hood of the Maxima is the engine with the magic number. This engine is a 3.5-liter V6 that delivers 300 horsepower (the magic number) to give you all the power you want and no torque steer when driving straight down the road. The steering is enjoyable and feels as if it already knows where you want to go before you do. With the engine attached to a CVT you might be surprised at the performance, but Nissan has mastered this transmission ahead of everyone else to bring us quiet and smooth rides.

Does the new Maxima live up to the 4DSC badging? It makes plenty of power and has a fantastic ride along with the driving manners you want. This all makes for a car that can and should be categorized as a sports car. The real answer to this question is to let you decide how you feel about the new Nissan Maxima, which can be the best car you have ever owned if you let it.

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