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A Model You Can’t Ignore

02.07.16 - 2016 Kia Optima

When the brand broke into the US market it was looked at as a bargain bin player that would be fine for those who were stuck in the lower income areas of the world, but not for the average driver to enjoy. This brand has since grown and improved to be able to offer us a wide range of choices for driving that have now become some of the most impressive vehicles on the road today. In fact one of the models that are part of this brand has become a Best Buy Award winner from Kelley Blue Book.

The brand I speak of is Kia and the model that has been giving this prestigious award is the Kia Optima SX model. The SX offers you a new turbocharged engine that brings in 245 horsepower that is moved through a six-speed automatic transmission. For this model the power is a little less than last year however the torque is delivered in a much better way in order to have the driving behavior you will want to enjoy. With this car there is a driving mode selection with allows you to choose between Normal, Eco and Sport mode to have the right driving feeling for you. This new setup does improve fuel economy for the Optima SX and SX-L to be an impressive new sport sedan.

While this may sound like I’m trying to talk you into a car that has less power but more efficiency the reality is the Optima really stands tall when it comes to the day to day driving of this car. The driving of this car puts you in one of the most ergonomic positions you can be in while driving. The dashboard has been designed to be a logical design that gives you the controls you want where you want them to be.

When you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the road you can enjoy the drive and listen to the Harmon/Kardon audio system that makes for enjoyable listening. This car has plenty of room in the back seat to allow three to sit comfortably and fill the trunk with groceries or luggage. With the sound deadening technology that is aboard you can have some great family sing-a-longs or any other fun you might want to enjoy while driving the new Optima SX.

What does make this model stand out above the others in this class? The reality is that the Optima does not have one single feature that stands out above the rest of the vehicle to be the best car for the drive. It doesn’t come with any weaknesses as it’s up to every task you can throw at it, especially when it comes to the driving that you need to do, including commuting on a daily basis. The Accord and Camry have a good reason to be worried about what the new Optima has to offer; this is a car that makes driving effortless and easy to do so you can have a fantastic drive in this class.

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