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2016 Lexus NX: A Great Pair in Their Second Year

12.25.15 - 2016 Lexus RX

Lexus was one of the first companies to the party when it came to the compact crossover SUV and with the inclusion of the NX they have entered the subcompact luxury crossover SUV segment to offer us a smart styling SUV that looks great and performs even better.  The turn toward the smaller crossover gives us vehicles that are more agile and easier to drive than their larger cousins, making them the perfect fit for a variety of drivers around the country.  the NX shows up with a turbocharged model in the 200t and a hybrid version dubbed just the NX to give us a great look and fun drive that is much roomier than you would expect.

Because there are differences in this pair, let’s start the review with a look at the two powertrains.  The base model is the  200t which is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that shows up with 235 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.  This engine uses an excellent automatic transmission to help dispel any turbo lag at all.  This powertrain is offered in both FWD and AWD and brings you a fuel mileage of 22 city/28 hwy mpg for the FWD and 22 city/27 hwy mpg for the AWD F Sport.  One drawback to this engine is the fact it needs to have premium fuel to be able to operate.

The hybrid powertrain found on the 300h is made up of a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine plus an electric motor.  The engine provides 154 horsepower and 152 lb.-ft. of torque while the motor offers 141 horsepower for the front motor and 67 horsepower for the rear motor.  This gives us a net of 194 horsepower for the system which is attached to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) to provide the best fuel mileage possible.  This fuel mileage comes in at 35 city/31 hwy mpg for the FWD model and 33 city/30 hwy mpg for the AWD setup.  Another benefit to this powertrain is the fact it only need regular fuel to operate efficiently.

Now we know the differences between the two powertrains, what would you expect to pay for either of these SUVs?  The base price for the NX 200t starts at $35,800 and the 300h will start its life at $40,700.  Adding AWD to either one adds $1,400 to the price and adding features can certainly increase the price as well, but this is actually a great price range for a luxury SUV that is dynamic and exciting and for the 300h a hybrid model as well.

The NX is a comfortable and high-tech luxury SUV that allows you the enjoyment of driving a compact model that is nearly as small as some sedans.  With this footprint you can easily see why the NX is a popular choice and when you get the chance to drive one you won’t want to drive anything else.  For 2016 the NX has added a few new colors and the Lexus Enform system adds a suite of vehicle maintenance functions but that is all the new changes for this SUV that is currently only in its second year of existence.

As an SUV that offers an aggressive look you can’t imagine this being a luxury ride, but it is.  From the outside you see the signature spindle grill, narrow headlights, dramatic lines raiding up from the hood and the lower part of the doors to give us a full sculpture to marvel at.  The lighting in the front and rear are all LED lights to give the feeling of true luxury.  This is another example of the Lexus name taking styling to a whole new level and with the following the NX is sure to receive, you can expect to see some of this style on more of their vehicles.

When you think of Lexus a long list of features and the amazing reliability come to mind.  This SU offers you power seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, a leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, the Lexus Display Audio, a seven-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, LED interior lighting, LED taillights, low beam headlights, Drive Most Select, and advanced stability control.  All these standard features make it easy to see why you should choose Lexus as your luxury brand of choice to ensure you have a fantastic ride to enjoy along any road.

If the standard offerings are not enough for you there is the option to add a Navigation Package that includes the Enform system bringing in Bing, Yelp, iHeartRadio and many other apps, a Remote Touch interface, a leather package with the Comfort and Premium packages that add driver’s seat memory, heated and ventilated front seats, and the sporty set up of having aluminum pedals when you choose the F Sport model and have the sport tuned suspension included in this vehicle.  These features certainly bring you to a point where the NX is more than enough for you and offers you the chance to show a great deal of pride in the awesome vehicle you choose to drive.

Looking to where you will spend all of your time in your new Lexus NX, the interior is exceptional and offers a feel that mirrors the exterior in its overall feel and style.  This means adding dynamic lines and attractive trim pieces to give you a beautiful car that can be as comfortable as it is stylish.  The NX has a lot of room inside for a small SUV and offers you the comfort of materials that match the luxury feel you have come to expect from the Lexus name.

Driving a small SUV offers the ability to toss it around the corners much like you can a sedan.  The NX is built to be aggressive in and out of the corners by offering you an adjustable suspension with various drive modes and a smooth control.  Add in the stiffness of the chassis an you might feel as if you are driving a sports car instead of a vehicle that is meant to handle the versatility you need by being an SUV.  The Lexus NX is new to the market and only in its second year but already it has made an enormous impression on the market and it’s about time you took a look at this little beauty.

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