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2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque: More Style and Class than Ever

12.25.15 - 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

When you remember the Land Rover models of old what comes to mind?  Typically the firs thought is of the performance and ability these vehicles have to be able to go anywhere and be the most amazing SUVs on the planet.  Filled with the latest technology and rivaled only by the Jeep models, Land Rover SUVs have been admired for years for their ability, but not often for their looks.  In fact when you look at most of the Land Rover models the though was they were so ugly they had to be beautiful, but we can now stop trying to convince ourselves of this.

The new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is a completely different kind of SUV from this top name.  This is an SUV you can still take to the outdoors, but not quite in the same way.  Even with lower expectations for off road performance this is a great SUV from Land Rover as it is perfect for driving up to a high class event ready to enjoy the looks and stares of those who have no idea of your success.  Now, for 2016 not only can you have this attractive SUV as your partner, you can have it as a convertible when you choose the coupe model, giving you some excellent looks and style to accept the stares from those around you.

Since style is so important with this SUV, let’s take a look at the Evoque.  This is an SUV that make no bones about being a Land Rover model with the signature grill, but the headlights are narrow and lead the way to the lines, shape and style of a vehicle that is built not for function, but for looks and it certainly is a gorgeous SUV.  With the five-door model you show an air of practicality, but if you do choose the convertible coupe you will enjoy the slow raising and lowering top that is dramatic to give you the entrance and exit style you want to show off to your competitors or to your friends and family.

As you head into the interior of the Evoque you see a simple setup that might just surprise you.  This simplicity is elegant in nature and lets you feel comfortably at home in the vehicle.  The materials you are greeted with are high class and fully detailed to be some of the most supple you have ever seen.  the space inside is excellent for all to enjoy the ride in this high class and ultra-luxury SUV that is made from the first name in off road capabilities.

A look under the hood shows you the Evoque is only powered by one engine, a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that gives you 240 horsepower and 251 lb.-ft. of torque.  This is an engine that is made to be smooth and not have any turbo lag at all to allow you the enjoyment of the right kind of driving for you.  Making this even easier to enjoy is the transmission used is a nine-speed automatic with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters to give you manual control when you want it.  This SUV enjoys the use of full time 4WD and can make it in the off road terrain when needed.  The fuel mileage you receive for this powertrain comes in at 21 city/30 hwy mpg to give you a decent driving distance between fill ups.

Typically you think of a Land Rover model as being high priced, but the Evoque is surprisingly affordable.  This SUV starts at $42,500 for the SE and heads up to a high of $62,000 for the Autobiography.  The SE Premium Coupe show up around $48,000 with the SE Dynamic convertible asking for a price of $51,500and the HSE Dynamic convertible will ask you for around $58,000.  This gives you a great mix to choose from between the two-door and four-door versions and between the regular rood and convertible models.

Now that we know the pricing, let’s take a look at the equipment that you receive on the Evoque.  The standard offering includes the Active Driveline four-wheel drive which switches to 2WD when the speed is stead above 22 mph which improves the efficiency of the SUV.  Other features include the Terrain Response system set up for grass, gravel, snow, mud and regular driving, the hill start assist, all-terrain progress control, the InControl touch screen infotainment system and a wide variety of comfort, convenience and safety aids.

The options for the Evoque work through the various trim levels, SE, SE Premium, HSE, HSE Dynamic and Autobiography on the five-door and SE Premium for the coupe while the convertible comes in HSE Dynamic and Se Dynamic.  The features you can add to the Evoque include leather seating, Premium HDD Navigation, 19-inch wheels, an Oxford leather steering wheel, 14-way Oxford leather seats, InControl Touch Plus, a 17-speaker Surround sound system, textured aluminum trim, front fog lights, and the 12-way Oxford Leather seats.  These various features are trim dependent for the Evoque, making it easy for you to select the combination that is right for you to give you the most impressive vehicle to drive.

Among the features the absolute favorite two have to be the suspension and the active driveline 4WD.  While the suspension is one that has impressed us for many years, the active driveline  helps to create some form of fuel efficiency and makes it easy for you to enjoy some great driving without the need of changing hubs for 4WD.  When you reach a speed over 22 mph the vehicle changes to 2WD, assuming you are on a road that requires less traction.  This makes perfect sense, but if added traction is needed, the 4WD kicks in again to help you out and provide you the control you need.

If you have never driving a Land Rover model you are certainly in for a treat with the Evoque.  This is a fantastic offering from the top name in off roading and is a vehicle that drives well on any surface including the pavement.  You can handle curves with confidence or head out on the trails and let the Evoque do the job for you to have a fantastic off roading experience.  Its time you spent more time in a vehicle that was made to give you a great ride wherever you want to drive; the Evoque can do that for you.

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