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Fiat Gets the ‘Pope Bump’

Fiat Pope

Sales are looking up for Fiat in recent days and a lot can be attributed to the most powerful Catholic on earth. Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States has drawn more attention to the little car than any television commercial could have possibly hoped to do.

As Safford Fiat General Sales Manager Mark Cowdin puts it, “It’s created a lot of buzz. We’re very grateful for that. It’s advertising we don’t have to pay for.”

For the last four years, Fiat has struggled with its flagship brand in the United States after its return. Now, things seem to have been turning around and new locations are popping up. The newest location is Skillman Fiat in Indianapolis which opened last month. Is the Pope’s influence reaching half way across the country?

According to NDTV:

The pope’s other car on this trip, the Jeep, is a reminder that Fiat Chrysler is now an automotive conglomerate that makes a wide range of brands, from Dodge to Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. The company reported revenues of $32.7 billion in the second quarter.

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