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08.26.15 - 2016 Lexus GS 350

The fun of shopping for a new car is in finding the new technology and features that will make the car one that is advanced beyond what you have driven in the past.  When you have had your older model car for a number of years and you get to test drive what is coming to the market you will find yourself amazed by the wide variety of cool gadgetry cars come with now.  This is the time of year when new cars begin to show up at dealers and as this series of looking at what is on its way continues I give you ten more new models you will be able to enjoy when they arrive.

Kia ForteThe Forte has a variety of body styles to choose from including a sedan, coupe and hatchback to offer you the right shape for your needs.  There is even a performance model that offers a turbocharged engine and a sport tuned suspension.  With this little value player you actually get a navigation system and a cooled driver’s seat as standard features making it a real value in this class.

Kia K900The K900 is the entry from Kia that is expected to allow the brand to move into the luxury segment.  This large sedan offers more space and better fuel efficiency than the competition in the luxury class.  With a light and smooth ride the K900 is an excellent choice at a price that makes it very affordable compared to others.  This is the perfect car for those long Sunday drives or taking the family out for the weekend.

Kia OptimaThe Optima has been one of the most enjoyed names in the Kia lineup and enters 2016 as a completely redesigned version that is full of great features to enjoy.  At a base price of $23,000 it’s hard to argue with a car that packs in the features and looks great doing it.  Equipment you can enjoy in the Optima includes adaptive cruise control, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a 360-degree camera and autonomous emergency braking.

Kia RioCalling a car a lightweight is not an insult and this lightweight compact car is a great choice for students heading off to college or for a young professional just getting started.  At a base price of $15,000 you can enjoy driving a Rio that has been updated and looks more enhanced than ever before.  The move through the lineup will only top out at $19,500 which helps you receive all the features you want for a small price.

Kia SoulThis hatchback/SUV has been popular for its fun and funky look for several years and comes into 2016 unchanged from the 2015 model.  The top of the model lineup gives you heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, a navigation system with an eight-inch touchscreen, HID headlights, an Infinity premium audio system and a panoramic sunroof, all in place to make your Kia Soul a lot of fun to show off and drive.

Lamborghini AventadorThe updated LP 750-4 Superveloce shows up with more of everything.  The horsepower is up, weight is down, more carbon fiber is used and the results give us an Aventador that you can’t keep still at all.  With the massive V12 engine positioned behind you it will be easy to take this raging bull out to the track and have an epic drive passing everything else that has come to show off.

Lamborghini HuracanThe base model comes back for 2016 unchanged from 2015, which is excellent since this is an awesome car to start with.  The Super Trofeo does get a small power bump, much more aggressive aerodynamics and a weight loss of 335 pounds to make it much faster than ever before.  The Huracan is certainly a supercar with some serious guts and a V10 engine that you will fully appreciate.

Lexus CTA luxury hatchback is a certainly a novel idea and the CT from Lexus is one that delivers on what you want.  Lexus has a reputation for including a lot of luxury in their cars for a lower average price than many of the other luxury brands and the CT is another great example of this.  This car is even offers a hybrid powertrain, the CT 200h, which delivers fantastic fuel mileage at 43 city/40 hwy mpg.

Lexus ESWith a major refresh for 2016 the Lexus ES shows up with new LED headlights, a new taillight design, a new spindle grill, a new steering wheel, a 4.2-inch infotainment display and many other offerings.  The powertrains continue as carry over, but the ES is now full of more features than ever and gives even the rear seat passengers forty inches of legroom to be able to enjoy the ride from any spot in the car.

Lexus GSIf you want a car that looks dramatic right from the start, the GS is certainly the car to purchase.  The front fascia of this car is a sculpture that would make the Italians blush and when you add in the 467 horsepower V8 engine that is also found on the RC F the GS F gives you one of the most aggressive rides of any sedan ever.  Of course there are more efficient engines as well for a car that will gain a lot of attention on any road.

From the bargain bin to the super car and tossing in a few luxury items in between these ten cars certainly give you something to be excited about for 2016.  With fall in the air and football on the field once again the signs are all there that let you know new cars are on their way to dealer lots for you to review, test drive and find the right one for your daily or weekend driving.

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