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12.23.15 - Google's Self-Driving Car

What if There was a Car that Yelled at You?

Google is taking the autonomous driving vehicle research to new levels and working to bring this technology to the market as quickly as possible even though the expectation is it won’t be available for sale for several more years.  As Google looks into having these

12.21.15 - 1991 Buick Skylark

Ugly Cars from the 1990s

Was the decade before the new millennium supposed to be the time when ugly was the new beautiful?  It seems there was an abundance of cars that offers style which we look at today and wonder “what were they thinking?” but certainly we could look

12.18.15 - 2016 Dodge Charger

What Do You See?

When you look at a car do you immediately see speed?  If that car happens to be a sedan that is made to haul around the family then you most likely don’t think of speed, but you think instead of function and safety.  Even though

Fiat Pope

Fiat Gets the ‘Pope Bump’

Sales are looking up for Fiat in recent days and a lot can be attributed to the most powerful Catholic on earth. Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States has drawn more attention to the little car than any television commercial could have possibly hoped

08.26.15 - 2016 Lexus GS 350

New Wheels Coming Right Up

The fun of shopping for a new car is in finding the new technology and features that will make the car one that is advanced beyond what you have driven in the past.  When you have had your older model car for a number of